Who We Are

Al Manara Homes Proprieties founded in 2011 as one of the prime real estate companies in Abu Dhabi. We have more that  20 years as personal experience in real estate activities in United Arab Emirates.

Our reputation as the leading real estate company in Abu Dhabi is testament to our successes in the following activities :

  1. property Sales
  2. Property Leasing 
  3. Property Management 


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Our Services

Property Sales

Al Manara Homes team of professionals has years of real estate experience, offering deeply knowledgeable aid in Sales and Re-Sales. Nationwide Middle East Properties is committed to achieving the results that our clients desire.

We know the market very well and just as importantly we put forth our clients’ requirements first and meet their needs accordingly.

The real estate industry is getting dynamic and challenging every day and we make sure that we are always ahead of the game than any other brokerage company.Learn More »

Property Rentals

Al Manara Homes Properties specializes in finding personalized leasing and rental solutions for all of our clients. This is made possible by the well established relationships we have built up and nurtured over time.

We take pride in helping our clients to find the right property be it for leasing or rental, whether they need it for short-term rentals, or are seeking long-term solutions, we are always there to help then find exactly what they need in the UAE.

We have tailored solutions to cover every aspect of the real estate market and as one of the leading brokerage firms; we are completely equipped to meet all our clients’ Leasing and Rental requirements.Learn More »

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Al Manara Homes Properties